Minutes of John Locke Academy PSA 23/02/2016


  1. Members present: Charis Lucas (CL), Emma Zahir (EZ), Kiran Khutan (KK), Carlea Previdi (CP)

Apologies from: Sylwia Syznk (SS), Ben Bond (BB), Anna Allan (AA), Julie Newell (JN), Alex Dickson (AD), Pru Silk (PS), Jo Chittenden (JC)


  1. Actions from previous meeting:

*Website Update

Website now has content, although currently in maintenance mode.

Suggestions section on website linked to an email that will sent things directly to AD as Secretary.

Raise money for school section has links for micro scooters etc.

News Section with options for future events (flyers), past events (blogs) and an events calendar. Questions asked by KK about whether ALL dates ie. Half terms will be on the events calendar. EZ sees no reason why they couldn’t be.

‘About’ section to include past meeting minutes

Volunteer Section, parents able to sign up to volunteer to each of our events through this function. As each slot is taken, it is removed from the list. The volunteers will then be emailed automatically X number of days before the event as a reminder. For this function emails will automatically be sent to EZ as Events Coordinator.

Potentially able to sell tickets to our events through the website ie. Quiz Nights, Gala etc but will require a Paypal account for the PSA. Matter to be raised with BB, SS and DB

Also possibility of including a link to school uniform. To be raised with DB

Jobs needing to be done for website:

Logo- Possibly BB?

Last 2 meetings minutes to be forwarded to EZ- CL to do this

Quick write of Story Night and Christmas Fayre- CL

Aims to be written- BB, need confirmation from DB

Photos of PSA members to be sent to EZ- AD

Photos for website- EZ to speak to DB and AA


*Spring Disco and Egg Hunt update

2 meetings have been held for the subcommittee, all needed volunteers have now been found.

Budget for £50 requested. Confirmation needed from BB and SS

Cupcakes have been donated for each child

Egg Hunt flyers gven out Friday afternoon before half term by Nursery. Morning children have not received any, and flyers are not in the foyer. CL to speak to Nursery.

Budget request of £20. Confirmation needed from BB and SS

There are enough volunteers for this event.



More cones have been added to stop people parking on the small hill. CL to get council email to draft an open letter for all parents to send to Council asking for parking situation to be resolved.




All PSA member’s photographs have now been received. AD has printed copies. Noticeboard should be able to be put up in next few weeks.


*World Book Day

Scholastic are unable to provide books for a book fair. JC to check that school have received Book Day tokens. Tokens can be used in conjunction with the new catalogues that are due to go out in book bags soon. Other book days are coming up this year in May, June (Children’s Book Day), September (100 Years of Roald Dahl), October (World Poetry Day). PSA to liase with DB about holding a book fair for one of these dates.


  1. Items of Business

*Summer Fayre

Initial sub-committee dates are set for Thursday 25th February (daytime) and Wednesday 2nd March (evening).

Theme for Fayre- Carnival

Initial budget request of £600. Confirmation needed from BB and SS

Initial thoughts include, children doing a performance of some kind


EZ to start writing to local companies and businesses for prizes, sponsorship and support

Tables available at a cost to local businesses ie. Crafts

AD has a link with bouncy castle company.



EZ to ensure a tester flyer to be sent out to gauge interest in a Gala event before Easter holidays.

EZ to consider budget requirements and potential cost of a ticket.

If less than 80 people Tamara Lounge are possible venue. EZ has ideas for venues if over 80 people.


*Other Events

Quiz Night-

Potential quiz master has been found

Fish and Chip supper to be included in ticket price (with vegetarian option), EZ has found a local business who will provide this at cost.

Movie Nights-

To be arranged for summer term? Possibly outside?

Story Night-

Following success of last story night, it is thought another would be well received.


  1. Parent’s View

Nothing raised this time


  1. AOB

*CL asked members that if they haven’t already could they please sign up to PTAUK *(PTAUK.org). You only need the school name and postcode to be able to do this.

EZ suggested that the PSA should purchase gazeboes for our use at events

*AD and CL raised issue of non responses to attendance of PSA meetings. AD asks that everyone please send apologies by lunchtime of the day of the meeting at the latest so that there is time to send an email to all parents if meeting is going to be rescheduled due to poor attendance. AD and CL acknowledge sometimes things happen last minute and can’t be avoided. If everyone unable to attend sent apologies in advance it would also mean that meetings could start more promptly.


  1. Next Meeting

CL to send email with 2/3 dates for after Easter break for next PSA meeting.